Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time span or structure for payment i.e. a payment schedule stating how much deposit and x payment over y months etc?

Yes for cash payments the schedule is as follows:

  • A deposit of 1/3 the value of the villa payable upon the execution of the sale agreement - The Company will commence the building foundation, lap works & roof framing of the building.
  • The second installment being 1/3 the value of the Villa and payable for the covering in of the roof, ceilings and wiring of the Villa;
  • The final payment being 1/3 of the value of the Villa and payable for the kitchen cupboards, tiling and for the completion of the Villa including the finishes. Upon completion of the villa, the property will be delivered and the Lease will be issued to the Purchaser (transfer of ownership for the property).

What is the difference between Beachfront and Lake Front?

Beachfront is the continuation from the already existing Splashmin’s beach. Lake front represents the man made lake which would not comprise of a beach area.

What is the situation with dogs (as pets or for protection)?

Community Guidelines cover this. Dogs and cats are allowed. Farm animals are NOT.

When will site security, infrastructure and services be in place (24-hour electric, water, sewerage, refuse collection etc)?

Security and other infrastructure are in place. Other amenities such as the 24 hour on-site clinic and grocery store are expected to come on stream as the community progresses.

Can the maintenance fees be broken down in to the various costs/ expenses?

Maintenance fees is set at US$75 per month and covers security, water, sewage & garbage disposal, lawn maintenance and lighting of the common grounds.

Are the houses being built in clusters or individually?

Villas are built individually upon request.

Will visitors to Splashmins Fun Park have easy access to Madewini Villas Resort Community?

No. There is 24 hour manned security inclusive of a checkpoint on the road from Splashmins to Madewini and a second manned security checkpoint on the beach walkway. Residents of the Community will have free access to Splashmins Resort. To be admitted to Madewini Villas one of three conditions has to be met.

  1. A person has to be a resident.
  2. A resident must be contacted and verify that the person at the gate is authorized to enter.
  3. A resident can inform security (must be updated daily) that they are expecting visitors.

What is the price for a 2 or 3 bedroom house?

Pricing is set per sq. ft. The building cost for the villas is US $70 per sq. ft. Our website will have a complete list of the lot numbers and prices as well as the basic house plans and sizes.

Can a buyer, after paying a deposit, require slight modifications be done to their house?

Yes. Minor modifications can be made to the interior of your villa.

Can swimmers visiting Splashmins swim into the lake area in front of the houses?

No. There is a security hut on the walkway between Splashmins and Madewini Villas. Also, the area designated for swimming at Splashmins is more than a 100 yards away from the beginning of the beach at Madewini Villas Resort Community.

What are the exact procedures for buying a house?

Firstly, the potential buyer would choose a lot and villa design from the choices we have. Secondly, this property will be secured with payment for the land and finally a contract will be signed.

Would I be able to just come and spend time at my home for a weekend or a week?

Yes, after purchasing the property, how much time you spend there is entirely up to you. However, you will still need to conform to all other rules governing the Madewini Villas Resort Community. Sub-letting is not allowed.

Is the site available for viewing presently?

Yes, the community is available for viewing. We offer guided tours of the community on Saturdays and Sundays between 08:00-17:00 hrs. Ask to speak with our Madewini Villas representative who will conduct the tour.

The exact location of the development ‘behind Splashmins is not clear, even with the Google Earth place mark -. It would be very helpful (especially for people like me a great distance from home) if one was able to see the subdivision layout within Google

If you continue on the entrance road through Splashmins you would pass the cricket field and hotel. We are immediately after the hotel.

Are there any restrictions on what house plans could be used for certain lots?

Phase 1 will only accommodate single level homes, Phases 2 & 5 will accommodate both single and double level homes. You will find that certain villas will be more natural “fits” for certain lots but all of home plans can be modified to fit the lot.

Are roads, water and electricity already available/ developed? If not when?

Yes. All of these facilities are already in place since we are just adding to the infrastructure already available at the Splashmins Resort. Water will be available at no additional cost. However, each resident will be responsible for payment for their electricity consumption.

How soon after an agreement to purchase is made will the house be ready to move in?

Construction will begin within one (1) week after the first installment is made. Our target completion schedule for each villa is six (6) months.

What are the terms and conditions of the lease?

All of our residents will be issued with a 99 years residential lease for their property. This lease is both renewable and transferable.

What about Taxes?

We are a Tax Friendly Community. Members of the Diaspora are not required to pay income tax on any financial earnings. Therefore, pensions, gratuities and any other form of income generated from the USA, Canada, UK, etc. will not be subjected to tax in Guyana. There are dual taxation treaties existing between Guyana, the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Is Bank Financing available?

Financing is available at the following banking institutions: Republic Bank Limited, The Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry Ltd and the Hand-in-Hand Trust Corporation

What system(s) are in place for security within the community?

There is a 24/7 manned security in place.